The Buddhist Monastic Codes

Translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff)

Dhamma-Vinaya was the Buddha’s own name for the religion he founded. Dhamma—the truth—is what he discovered and pointed out as advice for all who want to gain release from suffering. Vinaya—discipline—is what he formulated as rules, ideals, and standards of behavior for those of his followers who go forth from home life to take up the quest for release in greater earnestness. Although this book deals primarily with discipline, we should note at the outset that total training in the Buddha’s path requires that Dhamma and Vinaya function together.

Volume 1: Patimokkha Training Rules

The 227 Patimokkha training rules affect every aspect of the daily life of the Theravada Buddhist bhikkhu (monk).

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Volume 2: Khandhaka Rules

Whereas the Patimokkha concerns the basic rules of Theravada Buddhist monastic life, the Khandhaka concerns its customs, which are no less essential to monastic life.

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