Song of Songs (Shir ha-shirim)

Part of the Matheson Trust Sacred Audio Collection

The Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon, is one of the Ketuvim (the “Writings”, the last section of the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible), and the fifth of the “wisdom” books of the Christian Old Testament. It is unique among sacred texts in its celebration of erotic love, and it has been hailed over the centuries as a poetic masterpiece, a pious allegory and the source of the deepest insights of Jewish and Christian mystics. Liturgically, the Song is read in synagogues on the Sabbath during the Passover. For centuries, the Song of Songs was the devotional text par excellence for Christians.

Chapter 1 (Sefardi cantillation)

Click on the links below to listen to MP3 recordings of the original Hebrew of the Song of Songs, recited by Fr Abraham Shmuelof.

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With thanks to the Academy of Ancient Languages.

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