Towards the Essential: Letters of a Spiritual Master

Frithjof Schuon
(edited by Thierry Béguelin), 2021.

ISBN 978-1-908092-23-6

In spiritual life, difficulties often reside in things that are apparently simple; victory belongs to him who, in secret, knows how to persevere in small things. To think of God, to empty oneself for Him, to escape that habitual dream in which the ego gazes at itself and repeats itself, this seems a priori simple; what could be easier than to repeat a jaculatory orison? But to do this always, to keep renouncing our dream anew, to acquire the habit of standing in the presence of God, to thus violate the congenital tendencies of our soul—tendencies towards dissipation as well as laziness—this is a great thing whose “dimensions” cannot be measured from the outside.

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