The Roar of the Tigress (vol. II)

Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett

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This second volume of The Roar of the Tigress, subtitled “Zen for Spiritual Adults”, is a collection of lectures inspired by the Shobogenzo of Dogen (13th cent.). Below are some excerpts from the Introduction and the book, with thanks to Shasta Abbey for their generosity. The entire book can be downloaded through the link above; individual chapters are available directly from Shasta’s website.

“This is not a book to be read quickly from cover to cover for entertainment or information. I would suggest a slow reading, allowing time for portions of it to sink in before proceeding to the next section, with a minimum of several days between chapters to permit their content to be digested.

“When you read with the Unborn Buddha Nature, the Buddhas and Ancestors come forth from the pages and dance with you for joy. They sit with you, and explain to you.

“The advanced nature of the chapters of the Shobogenzo, and of the talks which they inspired Rev. Master Jiyu to give, does not arise because the topics which they address are intellectually complex or spiritually esoteric: it comes from the fact that they are trying to speak of things which are difficult to put into words.

“…while these lectures were given to listeners who were within the Zen Buddhist tradition, the heart-to-heart message which they provide should be accessible to any person of faith… Rev. Master Jiyu was inspired by the writings of Dágen to “take off” and express her own understanding of the Buddha Dharma, rather than simply to comment on the text.

“Do not try to come to a philosophical definition of ‘evil’; do not even worry about whether or not you use that word at all; just remain in that Place, within the Silence wherein we refrain forever from those things which are not to be done.”