The Reform of the Modern Mentality

René Guénon

It is high time to show that religion is something other than a matter of sentimental devotion, something other than mere moral precepts, or the consolations available to souls weakened by suffering, and that one can find in it that ‘solid nourishment’ of which St Paul speaks in the Epistle to the Hebrews… it is not a question of innovation, far from it—but on the contrary of returning to the tradition that has been strayed from, of finding again what has been all too willingly lost.

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Those who believe themselves to be sincerely religious have nothing, for the most part, but a greatly diminished idea of religion. It has hardly any actual influence on their behaviour or on their thought; it is as if separated from the rest of their existence. Practically, believers and unbelievers behave in almost the same way.

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