The Monotheist and the Mystic: There is One God/There is Only God

Huston Smith

Recorded at Hamline University, 1985.
Published with permission from Serious Seekers.

This is a three part recording of Dr. Smith’s lecture, presented at Hamline University, in Minneapolis, while he was Hanna Chairman of Philosophy. The lecture presents the different spiritual attitudes that people may naturally be inclined to, and how these attitudes differ in how a person views his or her relationship with God and to the world.

Part One

Click here to listen– 31 minutes

Part Two

Click here to listen– 32 minutes

Part Three

Click here to listen– 30 minutes

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Huston Smith is Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, Syracuse University. His discovery of Tibetan multiphonic chanting was lauded as “an important landmark in the study of music”, and his film documentaries of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Sufism have won international awards and a wide audience.

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