The Approach of the Traditionalist School to the Epistemological and Ecumenical Concerns of the Mystical Experience Debate

Clinton Minnaar

This is an MSc. dissertation submitted to the University of Cape Town, 2001. It includes a full and detailed exposition of the epistemology of the Traditionalist school, with a detailed treatment of the nature of the supra-individual intelligence (Intellect), the nature of mystical experience, and a Traditionalist critique of contemporary neo-Kantian scholarship. The Traditionalist esoteric ecumenicism—theory of a transcendent unity of religions—is seen to include a twofold definition of esotericism: firstly, an esotericism as mystical path, dependent and continuous vis-à-vis exotericist religious ‘form’; and secondly, an esotericism in the pure state, i.e. the philosophia perennis, or religio perennis—independent and discontinuous vis-à-vis the exotericist religious form.

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