Dr Martin Lings

“In Othello, unlike Hamlet, Hell and Purgatory are treated separately and successively. Almost the whole of Othello is taken up with the descent into Hell: the soul, personified by the Moor, gradually plumbs the very depths of error, that is, of thinking that black is white and white is black, that falsehood is truth and truth falsehood.”

Recorded in London at The Temenos Academy.

Othello, 1st part

Click here to download – 42:44 (41MB)

Othello, 2nd part

Click here to download – 38:31 (37MB)

Format: MP3.

Republished by kind permission of The Temenos Academy.

The Secret of Shakespeare: His Greatest Plays seen in the Light of Sacred Art, by Martin Lings, is available from Archetype.

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