Infinite Life Sutra

The Longer Sukhavativyuha Sutra, in a new translation by John Walker.

There was a ruler of a large country
known as the World Abundance King
when he heard the Buddha’s dharma
he felt great joy and saw the light

He set his mind upon the supreme and genuine way
he abandoned his kingdom and throne
he became an ascetic and took the name Dharmakara
devoting himself to the bodhisattva path

His lofty genius and daring insight
far surpassed the abilities of mortals
as for faith, comprehension and sharpness of memory
none were his match

Moreover, his conduct and aspirations were unrivalled
so too was the power of his mindfulness and wisdom
he was master of his own mind
firm and unyielding
he practised with such energy
that none could surpass him

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