Conceptions of the Absolute in Mahayana Buddhism and the Pure Land Way

John Paraskevopoulos

In a climate of increasing scepticism and reductionism, especially in certain Buddhist scholarly circles in the West, it is imperative that one does not lose sight of the fact that without such concepts as Dharmakaya, Suchness, Nirvana, Sunyata etc. being grounded in a true and existing reality which both transcends and suffuses all things, Buddhism is left without any foundations and stands on nothing, thereby losing all sapiential and soteriological efficacy. In the attempt by some to make Buddhism more fashionable by denying that it has anything much in common with views of ultimate reality in other spiritual tradi- tions, it does itself a great disservice in failing to recognise clear parallels where they exist—parallels, indeed, which should not surprise anyone.

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Reproduced here by kind permission of Sacred Web. You can follow this link to Three Wheels Buddhist House for more information on Jodo Shinshu.

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