Bere’shit (Genesis)

Part of the Matheson Trust Sacred Audio Collection

The Book of Genesis (Bere’shit, “In the beginning” in Hebrew) is not only the first book of the Torah, thus of the Scriptures common to Judaism and Christianity, but it is one of the first and most influential cosmogonic narratives in the world. Ma’aseh Bere’shit, the “work of the beginning”, is the Talmudic expression used to refer to the esoteric doctrines regarding the origin and nature of the world.

Bere’shit 1:1-8 (Sefardi reading by Shmuelof)

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Bere’shit 1:1-8 (Ashkenazi recitation)

Read by Malcolm Gedalla. Recording by The Matheson Trust.

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With thanks to the Academy of Ancient Languages.