American Indian Way, an interview with Chief James Trosper

Chief James Trosper, Sun Dance Chief of the Shoshone tribe in Wyoming, granted the Matheson Trust an exclusive interview where he dwelt at length on many different topics related to the Native American spirituality and worldview.

James Trosper

Native Americans and Civilisation/The Shoshone and Education

When we go to the mountains, the beauty of nature and what God has created, that is our cathedral.

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Indian Spirituality & Shoshone Lineage

Every time we have a ceremony, we tell the same stories over, so that the next generation will have heard them so many times that they are not going to forget.

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Ritual Duties of a Sun Dance Chief

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Advice for Seekers in their Diverse Ways

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Sweat Lodge Symbolism and Rites

We know that those people sitting in that sacred circle within the lodge, we know that somehow the Creator had touched their hearts.

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Sacred Animals & the Sun Dance Myth

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NB: These recordings have been carefully edited with Chief Trosper’s approval in order to make them more suitable for webcasting, without thereby altering in any way the import of his words.

For more information on Chief Trosper and related publications, follow this link to World Wisdom’s author page.

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