A spiritual vademecum, a board game and others

After some weeks of work behind the scenes, we are glad to announce the latest additions to our library:

By the Sufi master Ibn Ata Allah from Alexandria, third in the line of the Tariqa Shadhiliyya, we have added to our library an English translation of his Kitab al-Hikam, or Book of Aphorisms. Victor Danner, praised for his translation of this little classic, writes, “The Hikam exists in another dimension. It is a thing in itself and works deeply on one, especially when repeatedly read over many years. It contains timeless and profound wisdoms for seekers of spiritual success and illumination based on the teachings of the Quran and Sunna.”

In a remarkable article entitled “The Way of Go”, Desmond Meraz shares his research and insights into the ancient game of Go (or Weiqi, in China), elaborating on the metaphysical, cosmological and psychological aspects of the game:

…mastery of Go is not limited to the acquisition of technical skill and strategic prowess predicated upon the memorization of common patterns. It also depends upon the ability to overcome deficiencies and weaknesses in the soul…

From the monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian (Deir Mar Musa al-Habashi), in one of the fruits of his decade-long peregrination into the common ground uniting Christians and Muslims, Father Paolo Dalloglio shares his profound reflections on the prayer of the heart in a truly original article: “The Prayer of an Islamic-Christian Heart”.

Finally, we republish with gratitude a penetrating article by Ali Lakhani: “What Thirst is For”, from the archives of the Sacred Web journal, dealing with the traditional view and significance of human desires, obscured as they are by a hedonistic modernity:

Modern man has an insatiable thirst for the gifts of God, but is blind to His Presence.