Doubt & Questioning · Forgiveness · In the Shade of the Leaves

This week we have a new video talk with Metropolitan Anthony Bloom on “Doubt & Questioning”, giving answers to the questions:

Can one claim to be a sincere and honest believer and question things? Can one claim to be a believer that is to believe in God and say: “I can’t understand You”?

A sermon by Father Alexander Schmemann on “Forgiveness”, explaining how

Lent is not a kind of painful medicine that helps only inasmuch as it is painful… [but] a gift from God to us, a gift which is admirable, marvelous, one that we desire.

And from Japan, a classic of the Way of the Samurai (Bushido), the famous Hagakure or In the Shade of the Leaves, containing much advice ranging from the way to raise children and social behaviour, to practical strategy advice, and many subtleties of the contemplative life:

This is the essence of the Way of the Samurai: you must die anew every morning and every night. If you continually preserve the state of death in everyday life, you will understand the essence of Bushido, and you will gain freedom in the Way.